Planning and Evaluation of Public Policies


The Public Administration context is of change, characterized by globalization and technological development:

  • The increasing use of artificial intelligence and robotics;
  • The reinforcement of the predictive capacity of organizations;
  • The emergency of the “digital citizen”;
  • The increasing concern of improving public policies;

Within this framework, the holders of senior management positions in Central Public Administration are key players. They need to understand the benefits, risks and trends in order to anticipate the change and manage challenges by taking an innovation-oriented leadership role.

At the end of this Special Training Program, students must acquire the following competences:

  • Having a global strategic vision on Public Administration;
  • Lead teams and people in an environment of uncertain and social complexity;
  • In the scope of digital transformation, use useful tools for developing processes of administrative modernization.

The training course lies on the problem-based learning methodology. The objective is to crate a project of administrative modernization. This project will be carried out in working groups, with monitoring in tutorial sessions at the end of each curricular unit.

The program is composed by 50 hours of face-to-face classes and by 25 hours of autonomous work via e-learning.

The program is exclusively for senior management position holders in the Portuguese Central Public Administration. Candidates must prove it through the nomination in Diário da República and by a Declaration from the Human Resources from the entity they belong.

Exclusive Course for Senior Management of the Portuguese Central Public Administration

Candidates Profile

  • Senior Management Position Holders in Portuguese Central Public Administration (applications from the Local Public Administration will be denied).

Important Requisites

  • Nomination to the position published in Diário da República
  • Declaration from the Human Resources from the candidate belongs

Number of Places





Teaching staff


  • Full tuition fee: 650,00€ (IVA exempt)
  • Registration fee: 10,00€
  • Application fee: 25,00€

The tuition fee may be paid in installments. See ou Tuition Fee Regulation.

Payment is accepted via Euroticket Education Edenred. For more information, contact the course secretariat.


  • Iscte students - 20%
  • Workers of IPPS-Iscte associates - 20%
  • Same institution groups - for every 5 registrations, only 4 tuition fees are paid

Class Schedule

Application CAGEP Final Projects Repository

Applications always open

Course in English

  • Regime Laboral